Gerdien Kroes Beeldend kunstenaar / Visual artist

Gerdien Kroes (1963) is a visual artist. Her work consists of drawings, paintings and installations. She graduated from ArtEZ School of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands.During her working process human and animal figures with a specific appearance and character arise. They reflect the beauty and horror of existence. Her purpose is to capture the true spirit of a human being or animal, although this almost seems impossible to her. The figures are not completely true to nature, because it is necessary to adjust and simplify their form to give them a particular expression, but their characteristics are. This way they come to life as a kind of contemporary mythical heroes who, at the same time, are not always as exemplary heroic.

Images or texts that move her somehow, deriving from all kind of media, like magazines, television or internet, can trigger her to make an art work. In the work that is made she shows a personal interpretation.